Due to unprecedented demand our private sale has been extended. Unfortunately, to accommodate this extension, we will be postponing our Pre-Sale ICO. Please register interest below to find out more details about our ICO as soon as its announced.

What is D-Central Capital

A New Kind of Venture Capital

D-Central Capital will build a social co-operative Venture Partnership that helps emerging ideas and technologies grow through the shared knowledge of the Global Digital Community. With ethical approaches, BlockChain technology and the power and diversity of the D-Central Community behind us we will disrupt traditional Venture Capitalism by bulldozing its greatest shortcomings.


Venture Capitalism is broken.

D-Central are looking to completely flip the traditional VC model, leveraging the power of the Global Community and the opportunities presented by BlockChain Innovations. In Doing so we will look to address the following, fundamental flaws of Traditional Venture Capitalism:

  1. Illiquid and long term investments with average market returns
  2. Power and Decision Making Concentrated in the hands of a few Middle Class White Men with very narrow views on the wider world… often believing they are far Smarter at calling the ‘Next Big Thing’ than evidence would suggest.
  3. Poor Diversification of Portfolios with the double edged sword of high risk exposure and multiple missed funding opportunities
  4. A Complete ignorance of solid, revenue generating companies that don’t fit into the ‘Black Swan’ typecast.

D-Central Capital provides an innovative approach to Venture funding that puts the community at the heart of what it does. Our goal is to decentralise the funding and redistribution of profits from the already rich to those who have the skills and knowledge within the digital community…

We call it


Value Propositions

Protecting Investors' Interests

Think of it like a modern day Co-Operative helping put you in the driving seat of a VC fund.

Unlike Traditional VC Funds, The D-Central Capital Fund centres on Community Members to allow for the free trading of JST1 tokens on Digital Exchanges (DEX) at any point in the Fund Lifecycle, from Initial Release to Exit. Alternatively, Community Members can seek to hold onto their JST1 tokens in Exchange for early access to follow-on funds at Bonused rates and rewards in the form of CryptoCurrency from the Successes of the funds and ventures the Community partake in. Taking this approach not only elevates the potential value of Holdings but also increases the value of tokens for the wider community.

How to buy our tokens?

Our tokens for the Crowdsale are being sold on the Waves Exchange (DEX). Tokens can be purchased via the DEX web portal, or via the desktop application.

Search for the JST1 Token

What are the key details?

Pre-Sale Start: April 16, 2018, Monday, 08:00 AM (GMT)

Soft cap: $5m

Hard cap: $15.4m

Token: JST1

Exchange rate: $1.185 per token (or 0.00148125ETH)

Project protocol: Pre-Sale (Waves), ICO (ERC20)

Currency: Can be bought with Visa, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves

What is the Waves platform URI?

The Waves platform is available as both a web client, and a desktop client. For more details, see the waves platform below.

Visit the Waves platform.


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